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A Chicago Mason will continue to deliver on our promise to provide cost effective restorations of masonry buildings in and around the Chicago land area. We pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients.


We apply sound principles of the trades matching colors so repairs blend into surrounding areas, we also use eco-friendly masonry sealers that last for years. We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope.

Awards & Testimonials

We wanted a bid that outlined more than just cost, we needed to know the cause not just the effect. A Chicago Mason understood that, provided us with an well written work outline, reasonably priced repairs and our common areas were cleaned daily.

-- Mr. B, Relentless Management


A Chicago Mason provided us with excellent pictures and explanations of work needed. The best though was State Farm and Liberty Mutual as insurance carriers, names our Board Members knew and trusted. A proper choice.

-- Ms. Kay, Hyde Park Condominium Association

-- Barry Level, Acme Enterprises
I'm afraid of heights, but that didn't stop Brick from designing a fantastic single-story space for our real estate firm.
-- Sophia Phobia, Main Street Realty

Some Sites

NOVO Development Corp

Chicago, Chambridge, DC

Basic chimney restore


Norwood Crossing
Retirement Community

Tuck pointing - Sealers

Relentless Management

Multi Unit Residential

Stone - pointing - lintels


A Chicago Mason, providing cost effective masonry solutions to fit your buildings restoration needs.

Serving both residential and commercial clients equally.

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Hyde Park Condomnium 

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PWS 8 Sealer, lintels, brick


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